Beginner's Guide To City Skating by Deez Skates

July 13, 2019

Have you been watching lots of City Skating videos on YouTube and wondering what you might need to know in order to try the practice out in your own skates? City skating was popularized on YouTube by Bill Stoppard and has been growing for more than five years now. There is loads of fun to be had exploring a city in skates, and it's also great exercise! However, the practice is not without its risks, so Deez Skates has created a video to show you what you might need to watch out for and how you can have fun in your city without having to go for a boring ol' jog! It doesn't even matter whether you use inline or quad skates! City skating is for all skaters!

-David Lawliet

Design by Carl Prewitt JR.Model Photography by Amber Harris